Rockfon Rockford Asian Acoustics Workshop Series

05 October 2017

Since 2015, Rockfon has launched a series of professional acoustic symposium events in Asia, laying the foundation for its market leadership in high-end acoustic solutions in the Asia Pacific region.

An acoustic event for architects and interior designers

Rockfon Asia recently hosted its annual Acoustic Seminar Series in Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines and South Korea. Hosted between August 21st and September 05th 2017, the Rockfon Acoustic Seminar Series attracted more than 400 key architects and interior designers.

Rockfon Asia partnered closely with key professional associations like the Singapore Institute of Architects, Hong Kong Institute of Architects and Hong Kong Interior Designer Association. It played an important role in educating the Asian market on the importance of acoustics while also sharing with architects and interior designers the latest trends in ceiling design.

A great highlight of one of this year’s seminars was when the architects and designers were given a chance to experience the excellent acoustic performance and the elegant aesthetic appearance of Rockfon products. This was achieved by building an acoustic chamber, one which featured Rockfon acoustic solutions and one that didn’t.

International collaboration

The main speaker for the Acoustic Seminar Series was Pascal Van Dort from Rockfon Netherlands. He shared his experience on the “Fundamentals of Acoustic Design for Open Plenum” and discussed a number of European case studies, sharing tips for open plenum design. It was a well balanced mix of technical and design discussions that used actual case studies and never failed to keep the audience's full attention.

A positive response

Response and feedback from the participants has been extremely positive. Rockfon Asia has received requests to organize a more intimate session with specific design or architectural firms so that they can learn more about Rockfon.

The Acoustic Seminar Series by Rockfon Asia is one of the most anticipated seminars by local architects and designers. Following the success from the previous series, the seminar will be hosted annually in key focus markets of Rockfon Asia.