ROCKFON Asia Pacific Appears at UIA 2017 Seoul World Architecture Exhibition

25 October 2017

In September, the UIA 2017 World Architects Conference opened in Seoul, South Korea, attracting more than 30,000 industry professionals.

In conjunction with the congress, the UIA 2017 Seoul World Architects Exhibition was also organized by the Institute of Korean Architects and Seoul Metropolitan Government. This is one of the leading construction events in S. Korea for architects and other professionals involved in the building and construction industry.

Together with our distributor in South Korea, Haewon MSC CO. LTD, Rockfon participated in the exhibition and generated a lot of interest from visitors over the 4 days event. The objective of this event is to promote brand awareness in this new market, encourage face to face interaction with architects/developers and possibly generating potential new leads.

One of highlight for the exhibition was Rockfon’s Acoustic Chamber experience. Visitors were able to experience in person the real difference between with and without acoustic treatment using Rockfon products. It was truly a unique experience and to some, a realization; for underestimating the impact of acoustic in their everyday life.

The visitors were also impressed with the excellent humidity performance of Rockfon products with a simple on-site experiment demonstrating that Rockfon ceiling tiles are dimensionally stable at up to 100% relative humidity compared to other materials. Of course the elegant aesthetic appearance of Rockfon products were also showcased on the ceiling of the exhibition booth.

To enhance the message of acoustic to the market, Rockfon also organized an acoustic seminar which attracting more than 60 key influencers during the congress to allow the market to understand the basics and importance of acoustic in a general context without mentioning any products in specific. 

Overall we received very positive and encouraging feedbacks from the participants/visitors to both the seminar and exhibition as they truly appreciate such educational program organized by Rockfon. We have already received seats reservation for Chapter 2 of the acoustic seminar next year.